St. Saviour


The St. Saviour Preservation Society (SSPS) was born out of the crisis inflicted on our beloved parish and school by the pastor’s firing of our principal, James Flanagan, and is made up of St. Saviour’s dedicated and caring parishioners and parents. The SSPS is committed to the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit in our school, our school’s diversity, and its high level of education. We are opposed to the pastor’s decision for reasons we believe to be self-evident, including, but not limited to, the unanimous opinion of its devoted teachers to retain Jim Flanagan, the fact that the pastor does not step foot in the school nor is familiar with its beauty, its full enrollment at a time when many schools are closing, and the aforementioned presence of the Holy Spirit.

Our pastor has sent a letter informing us that he has chosen one of his close friends and advisors to replace Mr. Flanagan, an action the St. Saviour Preservation Society rejects as illegitimate pending the outcome of the Bishop’s mediation processes.

“We are dealing here with the vast question as to how we can and cannot know God, how we are related to God and how we can lose Him.” Pope Benedict XVI, Jesus of Nazareth, p. 37 (Doubleday 2007).

Email: brolsmacindy* for contact information

  1. We are going through a similar situation in our Catholic School in Ocean Springs, MS. Did many families pull out of your school? We have tried the petition, met with the Bishop, families are leaving but all the changes made are staying in place. Just wondering if you had any luck.

  2. This is a sad situation that is happening at St Saviour’s. Mr Flanagan has proven excellence as a prinicipal and should not be treated this way.

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