St. Saviour

Parishioners suffer through one more rejection

In 1 on March 15, 2010 at 1:07 pm

As previously noted, parishioners of St. Saviour Church in Park Slope, Brooklyn were relieved in December to finally have an opportunity to be invited to speak inside the church, rather than having to protest outside in the cold.  A trained Facilitator was brought in to first speak with Fr. Murphy’s councils.   This meeting took place in November of 2009.  Then the Facilitator requested a meeting with a small fraction of protesting parishioners.  This meeting took place in mid-December 2009, and did much to lift the spirits of those parishioners struggling to understand the ongoing schism in their formerly peaceful parish.  The final stage of the facilitation process was to be a meeting of church council members and parishioners.  It would have been the first opportunity for the two groups to meet face to face and discuss areas of concern.  The last time members of these two groups met was in September when 17 parishioners showed up to fill the open positions on the Pastoral Planning Council.  This meeting was meant to be the first step in a two phase process of discernment onto this important council.  Prior to the second meeting, parishioners were contacted and told that there would not be a second meeting, and that the Pastoral Planning Council would not be filling its open positions.  Parishioners wanting to participate in their church did not give up.  Instead they protested outside the rectory while Fr. Murphy’s councils met inside.  This led to the initiation of the facilitation process.

What parishioners discovered in the new year was that there was not going to be a third facilitation meeting even though both parties were prepared with designated speakers.   The facilitation could only proceed if the pastor was willing to allow it and clearly this was just another indication of the pastor’s unwillingness to let the parish heal.  Both the Pastoral Planning Council and the Parishioners were ready and eager to finally meet face to face, but have been frustrated by the cancellation of their meeting.  Everyone continues to pray that someday the parish will be be allowed to reunite.


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