St. Saviour

Net NY Channel 97 Reports on St. Saviour Principal Firing

In 1 on July 15, 2009 at 8:22 am

Reporter Nathalia Ortiz

Parents and parishioners at St. Saviour’s Catholic Church are protesting what they’re calling the unjust firing of the school’s principal. The pastor said he’d simply decided not to renew the principal’s contract. That explanation wasn’t enough for some parents, who have taken matters into their own hands. Reporter Nathalia Ortiz headed to the church to find out more.

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Mr. Flanagan

Father Murphy

Reverend Harrington

About the Station:

NET is a new faith-centered cable TV network based in Brooklyn, New York. The heart of their broadcast includes news, entertainment, children’s, and music, as well as religious programs. Today, while most television accentuates materialism, violence, sex, and sensationalism, NET brings viewers back to what really matters, family, fun, and faith in God. It’s on the streets of New York visiting neighborhoods and talking to the diverse members of our community of faith. NET serves the young and old, the churched and unchurched, and men and women from different social, ethnic and religious backgrounds, showing how they work together to make our world a better place.

Net NY

  1. I loved the story that Nathalia Ortiz did on us. I saw a group of dedicated parents who believe to their cores that what they are doing – fighting for justice on many levels – is the right thing. Our faith tells us that we are doing what is right. I am SO proud of all of us. Let’s keep up what we started. Seeing that story somehow renewed my resolve. Keep going – Let us pray for the strength to continue our work here, the courage to overcome many obstacles and an ever-constant faith in God’s plan for us…Amen.

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