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We are saddened, but we will not give up

In 1 on July 1, 2009 at 9:17 am

St Saviour's 6/30

As pointed out in the Daily News today, it looks as though Father Murphy’s reasons for firing our principal have everything to do with petty grievances, and nothing to do with running a school. Father Murphy’s ongoing difficulties with Prinicpal Flanagan range from not receiving free invitations to the fundraising galas to not receiving financial documents from a parent group. These things might be annoying, but they certainly lack the weight and seriousness required if one is considering ending a man’s entire career and putting his reputation at stake, not to mention putting 400 students at risk.

Bishop's Office 6/24

What is also perplexing is that Mr. Flanagan was not responsible for the invitations or financial documents. If these are the motivating factors that led to this fateful decision, what do we have to look forward to in Father Murphy’s choice of a new principal? If, God forbid, we start September with a new principal, will he/she have been chosen fairly? Will the criteria be an expertise in Catholic Education or will Father Murphy chose someone convenient. It seems unlikely that Father Murphy will open up the process of selecting the new principal to the people who it impacts the most. It is for that reason that we must continue our struggle.

St. Saviour's 6/30
Last night we held a peaceful and rainy protest in front of St. Saviour’s Church. People were willing to spend their Tuesday evening marching up and down the block, with drench feet and colliding umbrellas. They were willing to wear signs around their necks and walk for an hour and a half to hopefully send a message to our pastor that we are not giving up, and we will not settle for anything less than honest and thoughtful stewardship in our parish and school. I would like to thank NY1 for covering our struggle and look forward to seeing it aired today.
We will march again next Tuesday evening.

Bishop's Office 6/24



  1. Same here!

  2. I just sent an email to the Daily News “voice of the people” about the article that appeared in today’s Daily News. I am befuddled over the grounds Pastor Murphy used in choosing not to rehire Jim Flanagan. I am in total support of Mr. Flanagan, the parents, children and faculty. I am totally disgusted by Saint Savour’s Pastor and have lost faith in the Brooklyn Diocese for not steping in on Mr. Flanagan’s behalf.
    Jennifer Belford
    Former employee of Saint Savour Elementary School
    Proud supportor of James Flanagan

    • I am so disappointed in our Bishop of Brooklyn, the Superintendent of Schools/Bklyn & Queens and St. Saviour’s Parish Council in not stepping up to the plate and righting a wrong! What is the purpose of a superintendent of schools, or a parish council? Were they involved in the selection process? Who are these “experts” that Fr. Murhpy claims helped select the new principal? Were they the parents of St. Saviour’s Elementary School who should have a voice in the selection process? Was it the parish council? Perhaps the superintendent of schools made some suggestions. I think not. Let’s face it folks – this is a one man show! This entire experience has shook my faith in the Catholic Church!

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