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Our Protests Continue…

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St. Saviour Church, 6/17/09

We had our rally/prayer vigil/peaceful protest Wednesday night in front of Saint Saviour’s Church from 6:30 to 8:00 p.m. Over 130 parents, children, alumni and parishioners took part.


Even though our line actually extended beyond a city block, the protest was peaceful, well organized and hopefully did not cause too much inconvenience to our neighbors who were walking along 8th Avenue. Many stopped and asked questions about the unfortunate situation at Saint Saviour’s and we were able to provide them with information and our handout detailing why we are protesting.


Deputy Inspector Argenziano of the 78th Precinct again joined us to observe the protest. With the exception of checking on the cars that were parked in front of the Church, the police officers and the deputy inspector had a relatively quiet evening at the protest as we marched and carried our signs, ensuring that we did not completely block the sidewalk.


After marching for about an hour, we all gathered and said a few prayers for our school and our Parish. We then sang together. Mr. Flanagan attended the end of the rally and thanked us all for our dedication and support. We found it ironic that he was thanking us for our dedication and support when it is his dedication and support of our children and our school that has caused us to take action on his behalf.

Knowing the difficulties he has been forced to go through as a result of Father Murphy’s decision, it brought immense pride and a new found spirit to all of us to see a smile on his face. He is a truly admirable man and the sincerity of his appreciation of the support he is receiving, especially from the children from the school, is evident.

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Mr. Flanagan was upset that the school year was ending on Friday, June 19, 2009 and that this matter has not been resolved and while he remains confident, he is uncertain as to whether he will be able to return to Saint Saviour’s in September.

Friday will definitely be a very emotional day for Mr. Flanagan, his faculty, the children and us parents. It didn’t have to be this way and the fact that our own Pastor is causing so much pain and anguish to the children and his Parish is unfathomable.

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