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St. Saviour Preservation Society Responds

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June 8,2009

Dear Father Murphy,

It is perplexing that you include a list of rebuttals to gossip in your first official letter to parents announcing the non-renewal of Principal Flanagan’s contract. We also note, sadly, that in your first letter to parents you chose to discuss issues that affect yourself rather than provide answers or healing. We can assure you that none of those issues you raise factor in our argument with your firing our elementary school principal, and serve merely as a distraction from resolving this very serious situation. We look forward to the time when the contrast in educational philosophies between you and Mr. Flanagan is simply put in the light of day. There is no other issue that matters. Until you decide to provide substance this will not be resolved. Mediation is a strong tool in today’s modern society. We suggest you try it.

It is difficult for a group to reach consensus on how to act, and how to respond, but we have to say that you made our job fairly easy today. This is truly a difficult time for our parish and we as a group of parents and parishioners who are loosely amalgamated as the St. Saviour Preservation Society are open to the debate and truth seeking that is necessary in challenging times. You’ve always told us that if we ever felt that there was a need for a special event or group that could contribute to the strength and vibrancy of our parish, that we should feel free to establish it.

Yours truly,

The Saint Saviour Preservation Society


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